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Nourish: Food Freedom through Parts Work


Discover a new way to connect to yourself so you can stop the food noise and eat normally without overwhelm.

Hey, I'm Celia!

If you are tired of the unhelpful and harmful obsession with food, fat and dieting that steals your time, energy and your life then I am here to help. 

  • No more starving your body in an attempt to feel more worthy.

  • No more emotional eating because your needs are unmet.

  • No more hiding away because you feel shame about your body weight and shape. 

Together let’s discover what you are truly hunger for, so you can finally heal your relationship with food and your body for good.

I look forward to supporting you!

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Healing our relationship with food and our body is an inside job.

Meet the Parts of you that drive your eating patterns, learn the language of Parts and discover what it takes to become your own healer.

Purple Flower


You have a rich and meaningful inner world that needs you.

The Parts of you who focus on food and the body to manage experience are doing the best they can but they are stuck and need your help. Getting to know these Parts and building trusting relationships with them is the key to deep long term healing. 

Many of us are trying to heal ourselves and fix our problems without first taking care of our inner world. Which means all the work that we’re doing won’t be able to give us true lasting change and relief. 

That’s why it's time to for you to go inside and connect with your Parts. 

Nourish: 21 Day Essentials is an on demand, virtual training course that blends cutting edge neuroscience with psychology and spiritual practice. Designed to help you discover the wealth of your internal resources so you can learn to navigate your internal world and find true nourishment from within. 

Every day for 21 days, you will be guided, ONE step at a time, through ALL of the following (to which you will also have immediate and lifetime access):

Daily educational videos designed to enlighten, educate and prime you for building relationships with your Parts.

Vital parts work theory which can change how you see your past, present and future.

Easy to follow audio exercises that help you to go inside and connect with your Parts.

Clear and simple worksheets to further support your learning and practice.

A place to connect with others on this healing path, swap stories and support one and other as you journey together through your Parts Work apprenticeship.

We can’t do this work alone. It takes support, guidance and encouragement. I’ve put steps in place so that it doesn’t have to be lonely, confusing or overwhelming. From as little as 10 minutes each day you can learn to integrate these essential steps into your life.

I invite you to discover for yourself the power of Parts Work and the deeper healing it supports.

Next intake starts 9th July 2024.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

Full Price $333USD



Cycles of feast or famine that drive you crazy

All consuming focus on food and the body

Repetitive, punishing, negative and critical thoughts

Shame, guilt and low self worth that never seems to ease

Stress, depression and anxiety

Fear and resistance that stop you from doing what you know (deep down) is supportive.

Purple Buds

The Power of Parts Work

Parts Work brings balance, harmony and healing inside.

Meeting Need

Recognise and meet the different needs of the Parts inside of you without triggering guilt or shame.

Emotional Regulation
Support your Parts to express difficult emotion in a healthy way and experience improved relationships.

Reconnect to the body in ways that feel safe and empowering for your Parts. 

Parts Work supports a return to the body, where our sense of belonging originates. By learning to reconnect with yourself in this way, your body can again become a place to live in and from, a place to call home.


Next intake starts 9th July 2024.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

Full Price $333USD


What's Inside


Meeting Your Parts

Get to know the Parts of you who focus on food and the body to manage experience. Learn about what keeps them stuck and how to start supporting them.


I’ll introduce you to the wise, compassionate and creative presence that exists inside of you, so you can start to tap into the wealth of this resource.


Building Relationships

Deepen the relationship with your Parts with a range of tools and guided audios to support connection and build trust and safety inside.


Learn how to manage the internal conflict that so often shows up in our challenges with nourishment and how to work collectively with your Parts.


Leading Your Team

Deepen access to your internal wisdom and learn to lead your team with confidence and compassion by following the Internal Consent Framework™.


There is also a deeper dive into key triggers and a focus on supporting Parts to regulate eating and build a more positive relationship with the body. 

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Course Bonuses

Binge Eating 101 Guide

Learn simple strategies and tools to help you when those overwhelming urges to eat intensify.  

Key Breathwork Audios

4 key breathwork audios in addition to course content to support grounding, connection and attunement to the body. 

Professional Support

Ask your most pressing questions and share your experience (I personally moderate all questions and comments on a weekly basis)

Next intake starts 9th July 2024.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

Full Price $333USD


What Others Are Saying

"I have really enjoyed the course! It has been great to have something to listen to daily, and I am surprised I was able to stay so consistent with it." 

"I love the course! I’m finding it helpful and learning new ways to connect with and speak to my Parts."

"I really like having short chunks of info to digest each day, and so much of what is shared has been helpful. I like the meditations much more than I thought I would, which honestly is high praise given I've had some terrible experiences with meditation in the past. The pacing of the words has been just right."

"I love the gentleness and the lack of shame. It’s been very helpful to gain a better understanding of my parts and how they present in terms of my eating and ways I can support them."

"I love the breakdown of the 3 stages over the 3 weeks, very concrete and achievable. I love the emphasis on making connections and building relationships. The reflective questions as well as the comments and feedback from others was super useful!"


A Message From Celia

You have the capacity to heal yourself, you are not broken. When you are stuck it’s because Parts of you are stuck repeating the same old patterns. A focus on food and the body is external solution to an internal problem. Your inner world is where the solution to long term healing lies. 

When you create safety inside and build meaningful and trusting relationships with your Parts the benefits are GAME CHANGING.

As Parts become less activated, healing your relationship with food and your body is not only possible you'll see change in other areas of our life too; health, relationships, sense of purpose and your capacity to enjoy life. Finally time and energy to focus on what’s truly important! 

The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is today. 

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No more waiting, you can heal and live the life you deserve. 

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