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Compulsive Eating 101 Image for Web.png

Compulsive Eating 101

Learn simple strategies and tools to help you when those overwhelming urges to eat intensify. 


Inside I'll show you how to...

Identify the Trigger

Regulate the Body

Connect to the Eating Part

Seek out Supportive Alternatives

Deal with Shame and Guilt.


Working with Hunger and Fullness

If you are struggling to know where to start, this FREE 20 page guide is a great FIRST STEP.


Inside we explore...

Do I Have a Problem with Food?

Why Me and Why Food?

What are Parts?

Creating an Eating Plan

Working with Hunger and Fullness


Working with Body Image

Get started on working with body image in this 10 page FREE guide.


Inside we explore...

Why do I hate my body?

What is body image?

The cost of body shame

The value of my body

My body story.

The Going Inside Project.png

Going Inside Project Podcast

Welcome to the Going Inside Project where we delve into the inner worlds of our guests, to explore the relationship they have with food and their bodies. 

These sessions challenge conventional narratives around healing and offer a fresh perspective. 


Hey there!

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Celia, an IFS therapist and course creator who helps smart, sensitive women all over the world do the deeper work so they can finally be at peace with food, their body and themselves.

I am super creative and love learning new ways to share what I know, so that women no longer have to carry the toxic stories they have been told about their bodies and about their place in this world. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than witnessing a woman heal and step into her light.  


I also share my passion for the Parts Work approach with other therapists, so they too, can integrate this compassionate, holistic and deeply transformative approach into their practice. 

I look forward to supporting you and your Parts as you do this purposeful work!

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