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Relational healing from a place of compassion and curiosity


Are you...

Tired of spending so much of your time feeling fear, guilt and shame around food and your body? 

Tired of returning to the same old patterns and not knowing why?

Tired of being so hard on yourself and feeling unable to stop?

Tired of your worth being defined by your body weight and shape?

Tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to move forward?



I'm here to help so you can...

Feel connected and safe, trusting in your body

Nourish yourself, free of fear, guilt and shame

Feel confident in yourself taking up space in the world

Focus your energy on living your best life.


I'm looking forward to supporting you.

After overcoming my own challenges with food and my body I have spent the last 15 years training and working as a therapist supporting women around the world to heal, to find peace with food and their body and to reconnect to themselves.  


After training in no less than 6 different therapeutic modalities I've developed an integrative compassionate and holistic approach that supports deeper long term healing. 

If you want to be living life to your full potential, instead of spending your time and energy consumed by thoughts about food and your body, I'm here to help. Together we can get you unstuck so you can finally heal your relationship with food and your body for good. 

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Did you know that each of us is multiple?

By multiple I mean that we all have Parts. Can you remember a time when a Part of you has wanted, felt or thought one thing when another Part of you something different? For example:

  • Part of me wants to visit a friend this evening but Part of me wants to stay at home curled up in the couch. 

  • Part of me wants to eat less but Part of me wants to eat everything!


We each have many Parts and these Parts of ourselves have often been around a long time. They each have good intentions and value and in their natural state are very supportive.


However, as we grow and change in response to our environment and our experience, our Parts can take on different and sometimes more extreme roles in order to try to protect us from uncomfortable or overwhelming feelings, the lack of safety we experience in our body, our low self worth, or the lack of love, connection and sense of belonging we seek.

Although our Parts are unique to each of us in how they present, here are the most common Parts that tend to show up around food and the body (you may recognise some or all of these Parts in your system).

These are Parts who feel compelled to engage in:

  • Food Restriction

  • Compulsive Eating (Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Mindless Eating)

  • Purging (Self-Induced Vomiting, Over Exercising, Taking Laxatives)

  • Body Checking

  • Body Comparing

  • Frequent Weighing

Traditional approaches to working with compulsive or controlled eating (often referred to as Disordered Eating) view the behaviour as one 'bad' Part. The focus of treatment is on getting rid of the this Part so that it no longer causes a problem.

In my experience that's like trying to cut our hair and expecting it not to grow back. 

Our Parts, including those Parts who focus on food and the body to manage experience, make up who we are. Attempting to get rid of them may work for a week or two, maybe even a few months, but they often return with even more intensity than before. 

Our eating patterns are not driven by one 'bad' Part. These patterns are developed and maintained by a group of Parts and each of these Parts has its own unique role and intention. For example, the Part of me focused on food restriction was attempting to control my body size as it was fearful that if I took up space, I would draw attention to myself and face judgement from others.


The Part of me who felt compelled to binge eat was attempting to protect me from the deprivation I experienced through food restriction but also from the deep sense of disconnection I felt. It believed the best way to meet this need was through food. 

The Part of me who felt compelled to purge was attempting (through self induced vomiting) to expel my emotional experience that had built up inside, as I didn’t feel safe enough in the world to share my distress. 

By getting to know these Parts and their intentions, I discovered how tirelessly they had been working on my behalf.

As I spent time with these Parts, trust and safety developed inside and they led me to the earlier wounds they were attempting to protect me from. 

It has been in the building of these internal relationships and the healing of these wounds that these Parts of me have been able to soften back. They now have new roles in my system and no longer drive the focus on food and the body that was once so all consuming. 

My time, energy and resources are now focused on supporting others to heal using this approach and to train other professionals to do the same.  



Download my FREE 20 page guide to Working with Hunger and Fullness through a Parts Lens.

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