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GIP - Kamile
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Today we meet Kamile. She has some experience of working her own system and the inner world of her Parts. 



  • A Diet Part who protects by getting big and taking up space, who believes it’s the source of happiness. A Part who views getting ill or feeling nauseous as a ‘result’.

  • A Purging Part recruited by the Diet Part.

  • A Nurturing Part that knows it’s not okay to view getting sick as a positive.

  • A Logical Part who knows it’s not okay to be sick long term.

  • A Critical Part who believes Kamile should be embarrassed about the Purging Part.

  • A Frustrated Part who steps in to soothe the Diet Part. 



I had a Part who was initially concerned about the level of Self Energy available, as Kamile described feeling neutral towards the Purging Part (no curiosity or compassion). Identifying Kamile’s Critical Part and it’s fears, helped my concerned Part gain clarity and my system began to settle. 

I was curious about the belief held by the Diet Part that if it didn’t get it right everything was going to fall apart. This felt significant and highlighted an Exile(s). I noticed I had a Part that wanted to know more and guide the process in this direction. I had to ask this Part to soften back so we could be led by Kamilla’s curiosity rather than the agenda of my Part. 


Half way through the session we learned more about the Diet Part. It felt this learning came from Kamile talking about the Diet Part rather than through the relationship between Kamile’s Self and the Diet Part. I would have liked to have supported this relational connection more effectively at this stage. 

Towards the end, the Diet Part expressed “I might have overreacted a bit”. I sensed there was shame held in this statement and a Part in me came into rescue and offer reassurance. On refection it would have been more supportive to invite Kamilla to respond directly to the Part. 








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In case we haven't met yet, I'm Celia, a therapist and course creator who helps smart, sensitive women all over the world do the deeper work so they can finally be at peace with food, their body and themselves.

I am super creative and love learning new ways to share what I know, so that women no longer have to carry the toxic stories they have been told about their bodies and about their place in this world. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than witnessing a woman heal and step into her light.  


I also share my passion for the Parts Work approach with other therapists, so they too, can integrate this compassionate, holistic and deeply transformative approach into their practice. 

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