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Discover the Power of Parts Work

Specialist Training for Therapists

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Help your clients to heal


Working with Disordered Eating through a Parts Work Model

Help your clients to heal with this comprehensive course. Course content is released over 6 weeks, packed with the resources, tools and strategies you need. Keep pace with the course or set your own schedule.


PLUS 7 hours of Q&A session replays covering a huge range of additional extras AND access to my Facebook Group Food Freedom through Parts Work for additional support. 

About you

Are you passionate about helping clients overcome Disordered Eating, but finding it challenging to provide the support they truly need? Do you struggle with a lack of tools and strategies to effectively identify and address what’s driving their disordered eating patterns? Are you concerned about unintentionally triggering their disordered eating behaviours and making things worse?

These challenges are real and can make it difficult for professionals like you, to effectively support clients to heal from Disordered Eating. It's time to equip yourself with the right tools and strategies, specifically designed for working with Disordered Eating.


This course offers the practical knowledge and key interventions needed to address the complex nature of Disordered Eating, so you can help your clients find lasting healing and transformation.

Let's do this together and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with Disordered Eating.


"I really enjoyed this course. Celia is so inspiring - really knowledgeable and clear about how to work with disordered eating. The pace of the course was pitched well and the content superb. I especially valued the Q&A sessions which consolidated my learning. I would highly recommend this course to fellow therapists."

Rionach, Ireland


Working with Disordered Eating through a Parts Work Model

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A comprehensive course that provides the framework and resources you need to work confidently & compassionately with Disordered Eating. 

Parts Work

Parts Work is a compassionate, strengths based approach, that takes a non pathologising perspective in understanding our inner world and the Parts that make up who we are. Informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), Parts Work can bring healing, balance and transformation by empowering the Self, with all its creativity and wisdom, to take leadership of the internal system.


As we support our clients to access the wealth of this internal resource, they can heal and integrate the hurt and fragmented parts of themselves that so often drive Disordered Eating. 

Becoming a better therapist starts here.

Course Outcomes

Enhance your knowledge and skills in treating clients with Disordered Eating using a Parts Work Model

Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying psychological, biological and behavioural factors contributing to Disordered Eating

Learn effective strategies for helping clients identify and work with the different parts of themselves that contribute to their Disordered Eating patterns

Master key techniques to help clients develop a more compassionate and healing relationship with their bodies and themselves

Expand your therapeutic toolbox to provide more effective treatment for clients struggling with Disordered Eating.


"I loved Celia's course! It has helped me level up with my ED clients and also my general anxiety and depression clients. I've also found it incredibly impactful on my own mental health and thinking about my own parts. Cannot recommend this course highly enough!"

Karlien, South Africa


Module 1


We look at the development of Disordered Eating, with a focus on assessment, managing risk and working within our competence.

Module 2


We meet the Disordered Eating Parts, explore Parts as protectors, look at daring to hope and begin Direct Connection with Parts.

Module 3


We explore the role of shame in the Cycle of Disconnection and how this impacts the Parts who drive the Cycle of Disordered Eating.

Module 4


We look at nutritional rehabilitation, strengthen the connection with Parts, resourcing and working with body image.

Module 5


We meet other key Parts, work with internal conflict, deepen the Self to Part connection and look at other ways to work with Parts.

Module 6


We meet our Therapist Parts, explore self supervision, our own body story and body priviledge.


"This is an excellent course and exactly what I had been looking for! It has helped me build confidence working with disordered eating and offered me an excellent intro to parts work. The online modules were informative and engaging. The Q&A sessions were great to consolidate my learning and exploring case studies brought the learning to life.


Celia is very approachable and has a wealth of experience which she shared generously. It was really helpful to learn about my own parts and I have gained so much both personally and professionally. A very worthwhile course which I wholeheartedly recommend!"

Natasha, Scotland



I'm looking forward to supporting you

After overcoming my own challenges with Disordered Eating and through my work as a Disordered Eating Specialist, Therapist and Course Creator,  I've developed a compassionate and holistic approach to working with Disordered Eating. 

Given how increasingly common it is to use food and a focus on the body to manage experience, if you are working with clients, you are likely to be working with Disordered Eating. Even for the most experienced professionals working with Disordered Eating can bring self doubt and uncertainty.


I'm here to provide you with the framework and resources you need so you can help your clients to heal with confidence.

This is perfect for you if you...

Are passionate about helping your clients overcome Disordered Eating

Are interested in integrating a transformational approach into your practice

Want to learn effective therapeutic techniques and interventions that will support your clients.

This is not a good fit for you if you...

View yourself as the expert in your client’s experience

Prefer to work cognitively with clients and ignore the body

Have no interest in exploring your own Parts and what they bring to the therapeutic relationship. 


Your clients deserve a future free from distressing and life limiting patterns...

And the sooner you have the resources you need, the sooner you'll be equipped to make a meaningful difference in their lives. 

With this course you will... 

Gain practical tools to effectively identify and work with the parts of your client's internal system who drive their Disordered Eating

Help clients recognise and resolve the conflicting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that drive their Disordered Eating patterns

Master therapeutic techniques and interventions within a Parts Work Model 

Have the framework and resources you need to work effectively with Disordered Eating.


As well as lifetime access to course content and all future updates, you get access to 7 HOURS of Q&A REPLAYS covering a huge range of additional extras for added support.



$187 USD

(£147 GBP)

No more waiting, help your clients to heal.

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