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Based in Scotland Serving Worldwide

Online Therapy for Women

Helping you heal your relationship with food and your body for good.

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A focus on trying to change or control your body has not resolved your low self-worth. It has instead, intensified the critical dialogue inside your head. 


Working hard on being who you think others want you to be has imprisoned your spirit and left you feeling empty inside.


Not knowing what you are truly hungry for, leaves you confused and unable to meet your needs. The focus on food, fat and dieting keeps you trapped in a cycle of guilt and shame.  It isn’t what the real problem is anyway. 

You have a sense that your past has something to do with what’s going on and you are struggling to figure it out. There is a part of you who wants things to be different if only you knew how. 


  • Break the cycle of unhelpful & harmful eating patterns that are no longer serving you

  • Decompress, process and heal from the impact of diet culture

  • Tame your harsh inner critic

  • Recognise and meet your needs without guilt or shame

  • Cultivate self compassion

  • Reconnect to the body in ways that feel safe and empowering.


Together we identify and explore the parts of you driven to limit food, who attempt to control body shape and weight and who drive compulsive or controlled eating behaviour. This will lead us to the younger parts of you who carry early wounding and together we will heal and integrate these parts. 

We will create safe and compassionate relationships with these parts inside of you, so you can develop a more coherent and confident sense of self. You will come to better understand your needs and feel deserving of those needs being met. 

I will trust in the wisdom of your system to know what is best and hold hope for your future until you can experience this trust and hope in yourself. 

A more integrated, more authentic you will no longer need to focus on food and the body. You will instead be able to live the life you deserve with comfort, connection and true sense of belonging.   


Therapy is definitely an investment of time, energy and money. My fee is £150 ($190USD) per 60 minute session. For block bookings of six sessions there is a 10% discount. Sessions can occur weekly, fortnightly, every three weeks or monthly, depending on your needs and goals.  

I reserve your appointment time just for you. By carefully limiting the number of clients I choose to work with at any given time, it allows me to serve you best.


As a therapist it is essential I continue to commit to my own personal growth. I cannot guide you where I have not been myself.  I will also continue to engage in extensive learning outside of working hours that includes reading, training and gathering resources for our time together. 

When you enter into therapy with me, I commit to you. I invite you to be equally invested. 

Reach out and lets create the future you and your parts deserve. 

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