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Get Out Your Own Way In The Therapy

Room: A Parts Work Perspective

Why this course?

We work hard to become therapists so we can help people and make a difference. But even with the best intentions, what we bring into the therapy room can hinder, even sabotage the therapeutic process. 

Inspired by the Internal Family Systems approach, this course will give you what you need to get out of your own way. Gain insight into your own system through guided visualisations, journaling exercises, and experiential practices that promote self discovery and integration.


Learn how to do the inner work so you can improve the quality of your therapeutic presence and better facilitate the work you were trained to do. 


In this course you will:

Learn about your Internal Family of Parts

Identify the key Therapists Parts that keep you stuck

Master effective techniques to work with your Parts

Get guidance on Self Supervision.

Lifetime access to course content and any future updates. Download materials (video's, PDF's and audios) to revisit at any time. 

Learn how to unlock your full therapeutic potential.  

(£36 GBP)


Hey there!

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Celia, a therapist and course creator who helps smart, sensitive women to embrace self leadership and find true nourishment from within. 

I am super creative and love learning new ways to share what I know, so that women in this world no longer have to battle with food, their bodies and themselves. 


I also share my passion for Parts Work with other therapists, so they too, can integrate this compassionate, holistic and deeply transformative approach into their practice. 

I look forward to supporting you and your Parts as you do this purposeful work!

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