About Me

How my recovery led me to help others break free from Disordered Eating

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I’m Celia, an expert in Disordered Eating. I had a troubled relationship with food and myself body for many years. When I did break this cycle, I realised that to achieve permanent peace I needed new approaches. Now I use what I’ve learned to support others who want to heal their life limiting relationship with food and their body.

My story of Disordered Eating began when I was 11 and had just eaten dinner. I was so distressed that I went to the bathroom and threw up. It was a strange experience as it hadn’t been a deliberate act. I had never heard of bulimia, yet somehow it happened, and I felt relief. With no other means to resolve my distress, this became my release for the next 12 years.

In that time, I engaged in Food Restriction, Binge Eating and Purging. I was deeply disconnected from myself, my body and the people in my life. I craved connection. But I had such little awareness of what that might feel like. So I continued to do what was familiar to me.

At first Disordered Eating offered relief from disconnection. It helped me to avoid, deny, suppress, surrender to and rebel against it. But, as the years went by I came to realise that this only reinforced how disconnected I felt.

By age 23 I decided I’d had enough. I was lucky to be able to access support. After a year of counselling, my Disordered Eating behaviours began to resolve. But I continued to feel disconnected and held on to unhelpful thoughts. I believed my value was dependent on my body shape and size. And I thought that what I ate demonstrated what kind of person I was.

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I began training as a therapist in 2010. I had always felt drawn to this work. And I was still searching for ways to repair the feeling of disconnection I felt. Through my work with the Disordered Eating Community, I found that many other people experienced similar disconnection.

The need to find answers for my clients, the community and myself led me to particular areas of study.


I’ve trained in:

•    Addictions

•    Art Therapy

•    Person Centred Counselling

•    Family Therapy

•    Disordered Eating

•    Trauma

•    Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprogramming (EMDR

•    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

•    Clinical Hypnotherapy 

•    Internal Family Systems (IFS)

No single approach had the answer. But as I began to integrate elements from each, I started to see positive changes in my clients and myself. I discovered the resources available to each of us that exist within our own internal system. These allow us to connect and attune to our bodies in purposeful ways.

This integrative approach has been life-changing for both my clients and myself. Our bodies have become a place of safety, comfort and trust, somewhere we can now live in and from, a place to call home.  

While seeing these great results I was aware that so many people can’t access the support they need to recover. I wanted to find a solution that empowers more people to find permanent peace with their bodies.

That’s why I created Beyond the Body®. The programme provides accessible and timely support for anyone experiencing Mild to Moderate Disordered Eating. If that applies to you, I hope reading this has offered hope that change is not only possible but within your grasp. 

I look forward to witnessing you create a positive relationship with food, your body and yourself. I hope you’ll find this process as life-changing as I have.


Celia is so good at her job. She has done wonders for me! She has improved my confidence, anxiety and social anxiety. I can now control my emotions far better than I used to and I am able to talk and let things out much more. Everyone needs a Celia in their life.