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Meet the Team

Here for you at every stage of your recovery


We are an international team who are dedicated to helping people learn how to heal from Disordered Eating. We are here to educate, guide, support, motivate and inspire you as you move towards recovery.


Our shared vision is for a future where high quality Disordered Eating support is accessible and available to all who need it, when they need it, so that long term recovery becomes the norm and not the exception.


If you’ve signed up for our Beyond the Body® recovery programme you will be seeing us regularly. We look forward to supporting you!

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Kate Conklin MS, RDN, LDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Kate has a wealth of experience and works with clients from all walks of life struggling in their relationships with food and body, ranging from those with diagnosed Eating Disorders to those with Disordered Eating patterns and chronic dieting. 

In her practice Kate holds firm to her ethical and evidence-based beliefs of weight inclusive care, fat acceptance and intuitive eating philosophies. She works with clients and families, collaborates with interdisciplinary teams, and supports future registered dietitians interested in weight inclusive care.

Kate believes and fights for food access and equality for all individuals. With experience in working with the food insecure population through the Commission on Economic Opportunity, in health promotion and wellness at Geisinger Health Plan, Kate works hard for her services to be accessible to all individuals. 

She loves walks in the cold weather where she can see her breath and is obsessed with her 2 black and white cats. When not working, you can find her with her nose in a book and a coffee by her side.

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Dr Lucy Turner Bsc (Hons) 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Lucie is a highly experienced clinical psychologist who specialises in Eating Disorder recovery. She worked in inpatient and community teams in the NHS for ten years before going into private practice seven years ago. Lucy has also been through her own recovery. 


In her own practice Lucie offers an integration of Internal family Systems (IFS), ecotherapy and shamanic practices. Her work centres on deeply connecting people with their own inner healer and she believes our appetites and hungers are important and helpful guides when connected with consciously.


Spirituality, ceremony, nature connection are important to Lucie and when she's not working you can find her in the forest, wild swimming or making shapes at ecstatic dances.

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KeKe Woods MSW, YT-200

Yoga Practitioner

KeKe  is a 200-hour trained and skilled Yoga Practitioner. She honours her existence by sharing her unique approach to yoga. She is passionate, committed and dedicated to sharing light, holding space, and empowering others to rediscover life through movement and meditation.


KeKe creates spaces for all bodies regardless of ability, and all persons regardless of race, class or religion to access to the benefits of yoga.


She has worked in multiple capacities adapting yoga in spaces where yoga has historically been inaccessible. KeKe believes that combining movement and meditation, works to release negative energies of the body and mind, while restoring the body to it’s own unique source of energy.


After years of working in the nonprofit sector as a Program Director, KeKe found herself grossly burned out, stressed, and ridiculed with anxiety, depression. She turned her trauma into triumph utilizing yoga, meditation, journaling and dreaming.


She openly shares her story on how yoga changed her life and helped her on her journey towards healing physical and mental ailments.

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