Beyond the Body

Find joy in a life free from unhelpful thoughts about food and your body

Beyond the Body® (In Development)

Beyond the Body® has been in development since January 2021. The programme is currently at testing stage and will be formally launched later this year (2022). 

To be kept informed of programme development, the formal launch, and early bird offers you can sign up to my mailing list for updates.

In the meantime you can find education, support and guidance and join our community in my private Facebook Group.

Please note the rest of this page is for information only. The links will go live following the formal launch of Beyond the Body®. Thank you for your patience!


Start your recovery from Disordered Eating right away

Breaking the cycle of Disordered Eating is life-changing. It enables you to look after your health and reconnect with your body. You can feel good from the inside out and trust in yourself.

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I’m Celia, creator of Beyond the Body®

My goal for you is to be able to embrace and celebrate your whole self, and to recognise that every part of you has value. I want you to discover the inner resources available to you.


This will empower and support you to heal from Disordered Eating for good, so you can live your life how you want to.

What keeps the cycle of Disordered Eating going?

You spend so much of your time feeling fear, guilt and shame about food and your body shape. It leaves you with a deep sense of disconnection.


The longer this goes on the more compounded these feelings become. Your physical and mental health suffer. Disordered Eating habits like Restricting, Bingeing and Purging pose serious risks to health. But I understand knowing that doesn’t make it easier to stop, especially if you can’t access support.


You may have been ready for change for some time. But not being able to get the support you need has held you back. Lengthy waiting lists or daunting fees have prevented you from getting help. Trying quick fixes didn’t last. I know how these obstacles can leave you feeling stuck, believing there’s no solution.


You can’t imagine that you can be free from Disordered Eating.


But you can be.

Breaking the Cycle

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been engaging in Disordered Eating. Recovery is possible for everyone.


The great news is that you’ve already taken the toughest step. You’re here on this page because you’ve decided you want meaningful change. You’re looking for an accessible way to end the hold Disordered Eating has on your life.


You’re not alone in having had difficulty finding help. Many people are stuck with a lack of support and treatment. So I’ve developed a solution that removes the barriers of long waiting lists and high fees.


What difference could Beyond the Body® make for you?

Being untroubled by negative body image and anxiety about food changes everything. Without those constant anxieties, you’ll be able to:

•    leave behind fear, guilt and shame
•    improve your mental and physical health
•    trust in your body
•    find confidence in yourself
•    rediscover the joy of eating and socialising
•    improve your relationships and
•    dedicate your energies to living life on your own terms.

What makes Beyond the Body® different from solutions you may have tried before?

It's not a quick fix

Quick fixes for Disordered Eating don’t work. On this programme, you’ll get access to long term support. You can achieve permanent change and leave Disordered Eating behind for good.

There's no waiting and no high costs

With Beyond the Body® you can start your recovery right away. I’ve created this programme to be accessible to all so everyone who needs this support can get it.

Support from someone who knows what it’s like to recover from Disordered Eating

I’ve had personal experience of Disordered Eating since the age of 11. It was important to recognise the roots of my Disordered Eating and resolve the unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. Now I use what I’ve learned to support others to heal their relationship with food and their bodies.

Blue Dots

I have felt seen, heard and valued. This is not only through Celia's professional approach to treatment but also her kind and gentle understanding. This has given me a space where I feel safe enough to be able to trust the guidance and hence make the progress I have. To find a life worth living, and daring to hope I have a future I may enjoy.”

What to expect?

Beyond the Body® supports recovery from a range of mild to moderate Disordered Eating behaviours. These include Binge Eating, Over Eating, Restriction and Purging. Together we’ll cover the challenges of taking care of ourselves, healing from dietary chaos, reconnecting with our bodies and much more.


The programme has four key elements that provide you with the right support;


Specialist strategies to promote healing. Beyond the Body® is a comprehensive 6 month programme. It includes psycho education, therapeutic support tasks, and a huge range of strategies. These tools will empower you to overcome Disordered Eating. 


The programme respects the diversity that exists in the Disordered Eating Community. I recognise that prejudice impacts our relationships with our bodies. You’ll find a welcoming space that considers the ways intersectionality affects you. Our community is safe and inclusive of disability, race, sex, gender identity, body size, age, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. The programme also aligns with the values of Health At Every Size (HAES) and values everybody in EVERY body.


You control your journey. With the right guidance and support, we can be our own best healers. The programme provides the space to discover and develop your inner resources. You’ll find the courage and confidence to heal. You’re in control and can set your own pace.


A supportive space for you to learn & grow. You’ll have permanent access to my private online group. There you can connect with other members and support each other in a safe environment. You can celebrate success and work through challenges together. You’ll get access to regular Q&A’s and other learning sessions with me, plus guests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to key questions about Beyond the Body®

The Perfect Price for Everyone

I want Beyond the Body® to be as accessible as possible. No matter what your income level, you're welcome to join the programme. At all payment levels, you’ll receive the same full access to materials and community support. 

Please choose the payment level you can afford. If you can opt for Standard Plus you’ll be supporting others who are less able to pay to access valuable support. 

Thank you!



For those with marginalised identities and those in need. 

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For those with enough resources. 

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For those who are secure and can give support to those who have marginalised identities or are in need.

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Is Beyond the Body® for you?


This programme is for you if;

•    You are at least 18 years old.
•    Your Disordered Eating is impacting your physical or mental health.
•    You have excessive concerns about food, weight and body shape.
•    You are tired of dieting. 
•    You feel a loss of control when eating.
•    You find it difficult to eat regularly and consistently.
•    You experience fear, guilt and shame around food and your body.
•    Your weight or shape influences how you feel about yourself as a person.
•    You recognise you have a difficult relationship with food
•    You want to improve your relationship with food, your body and yourself.
•    You have time and energy to commit to the programme.

This programme is NOT for you if:

•    You want a quick fix.
•    You are not ready to stop dieting.
•    You want to lose weight fast.

No more waiting, you can heal and lead the life you want 

“Celia has considerable expertise and integrity. We do our own journeying but the process is eased when walking with such an experienced professional.”


Getting Motivated

Not sure where to start? Download my popular guide, Getting Motivated for Recovery.


Most people think motivation comes and goes but in reality we are always motivated. Learn about getting motivated for recovery and more in my free guide.