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Based in Scotland Serving Worldwide


I help women stop the food noise and eat normally without overwhelm. 


Your obsession with food, fat and dieting has led you into the deep, dark wood. Not only have you lost your way, you have lost yourself. You have instead focused on how you present yourself to the world.

You are praised for being accommodating, and prioritising the needs of others. You are rewarded for passivity, staying small and quiet, following what is expected and for being the 'good girl'. 

You have lost trust in your body, its wisdom, sensitivity and intuitive knowing. 

You have turned to food as Parts of yourself attempt to manage how it feels inside. Food (or the lack of it) brings short term relief but you are tired. Tired of the daily struggle with food, of hating your body, of the punishing, negative and critical thoughts and tired of the shame, guilt and low self-worth that never seems to ease. Tired of giving so much that you have so little left for yourself.

I know this so well because I have been there. I was lost in the deep dark wood too.  

As I learned how to work with my Parts, safety and trust began to build and I was able to heal from my earlier experiences. The safer it felt inside, the safer I felt in the world. I learned about choice, autonomy and self compassion and I now eat with ease. I have a growing respect for my body and its intuitive knowing and have finally been able to return to my body, my first and forever home.

I’m here to help you heal, so that you too can return to your body and find long term peace. 

The most significant journey we can make is the one from our head to our heart. 

So many of us live in our heads, cut off from the expansive and transformative wisdom that exists inside our body. We try to think our way out of the confusion, frustration and helplessness we feel but this is a red herring. It is the journey from our head to our heart that opens space for us to do the deeper work so we can finally be at peace with food, our body and ourselves.  


After going it alone and trying to manage what you eat and how it affects you, now is the time to reach out for the support you truly deserve.


I will hold space for you as you learn to lead your Parts from a place of compassion and confidence, discover and develop your internal resources, reconnect to your intuitive knowing, and heal your relationship with food and your body for good. 

I will be your compassionate, sensitive and kind guide as you find your way back to you.

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I use a Parts Work approach based on Internal Family Systems, a compassionate, strengths based model that brings healing, balance and transformation by empowering the Self, with all its creativity and wisdom, to take leadership of the internal system. 

As you learn to tap into the wealth of this internal resource, you can heal the hurt and fragmented Parts of yourself that so often drive unhelpful and harmful eating patterns.

Read this blog post if you’d like to learn more about Internal Family Systems.

Listen to this podcast episode if you’d like to get a sense of how I work and what a session with me is like. 

Find a list of my training and qualifications here.


"Celia helped me find and develop ways of feeling more comfortable in my own skin and in the world. I count myself enormously lucky to have found my way to Celia." 




Want to get started straight away? Download my FREE 20 page guide to Working with Hunger and Fullness through a Parts Lens. 


Tired of hating your body? Overwhelmed by body distress? Access my FREE 10 page guide and start working on this today.  


You don’t have to continue to fight with food and your body. I can help you do the work so you can live the life you deserve.

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