The Hunger Scale

January 2022


Attuning to our unique needs

Disordered Eating brings dietary chaos to the body. Learning to fuel our bodies properly by eating regularly and eating enough is essential if we are to give ourselves the best chance of recovery from Disordered Eating.


If we have been in dietary chaos for some time, we often have difficulty recognising our hunger and fullness cues so in the early stages of recovery we follow a clear and simple eating plan to support us until we can begin to reconnect with these natural hunger and fullness cues.

For some of us the reconnection may take several weeks and for others several months of eating in this structured way. This time difference depends on many factors including our genetics, our health, the nature of our disordered eating and how long we have been in dietary chaos. As our food intake becomes more regular and consistent, our body will recover, our appetite will stabilise and our attunement to hunger and fullness will strengthen.

Using the the Hunger Scale is a great way to support ourselves during recovery. As we become familiar with the Hunger Scale, we can learn to recognise and attune to the unique needs of our body.

Download the Hunger Scale

Your free copy includes info on keeping your fuel tank topped up, getting started with the Hunger Scale and the Hunger Scale Check In. A great way to support your recovery!